Studio Helder

Koop een cadeaubon geldig bij Studio Helder

Studio Helder is deel van een netwerk van lokale handelaars die zich hebben verenigd in één cadeaubon, de Cadeaubon Antwerpen.
CADEAUBON Cadeaubon Antwerpen
max. 150 karakters
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Over Studio Helder

The first thing you’ll learn about us is that we are very versatile. We’ve designed interiors for private housing, showrooms and workspaces, designed shoe and accessory collections, made scenographies and installations, we give advice, organise workshops and host exhibitions and events.

In our store we show objects we designed ourselves as well as furniture, jewelry, accessories and other items made by upcoming, talented artists from all over the world.

In our showroom we represent DTILE (we’re Belgium’s official dealer since 10 years), the ecological paint brands Jordan&Co and Aquamaryn and showcase the iconic chairs of Egon Eiermann | WILDE&SPIETH. However, in everything we do, as diverse as our occupations are, some things are always present:

We care about subtlety and creativity. We’re endlessly fascinated by the little nuances and changes that turn something ordinary into an inspiring and beautiful object.

To quote the brilliant philosopher ‘Lorax’ from Dr. Seuss: “It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it can become.”